Language barriers can make any traveler feel out of place in a foreign country. Volunteering is one way to get the most out of learning the language of any country. In France, an organization called Cultural Homestay International has been helping travelers connect with host families for conversational exchange and cultural immersion. Check out the program below and remember to tune in to Peter Greenberg Worldwide this weekend for more information. Plus, don’t forget to check out our archive for all kinds of voluntourism opportunities.

Paris is a city vibrant with culture—and one you are definitely going to want to visit. But why only stay for a day or a week when you can really immerse yourself in the culture? Cultural Homestay International has been a non-profit organization since 1980 whose mission is to bring people closer together through interpersonal exchanges.

There are cultural opportunities all around the world for people interested in learning more about a particular culture through home-stay experiences.

This voluntourism opportunity requires a bit of a longer stay, but it’s worth it. Participants in France get a chance to live with a French family and teach them English, while also benefiting by learning French in exchange. English Conversation Volunteers (EVC) are expected to stay with the host family for approximately a month.

The program provides volunteers with room and board with a screened host family in exchange for 15 hours a week of English lessons to those in the program.

About 100 people are expected to participate this year. Applicants must be 18 years old to apply, and must be native English speakers. Fees for the ECVA program range from $699 to $1899 for a one to three month-long cultural immersion program.