Testimonials au pair

September 8, 2014


Wanted to say thank you so much for helping me!! I will definitely reccomending you to any of my friends that are interested. Both families were lovely and I had an amazing experience all summer! Can not thank you enough. Both families I will keep in contact with and have made great relationships with them.


Aupairing in Rome !

December 6, 2013

Hi Ines,
My stay with the  family was absolutely amazing I couldn’t have wished for a better family.
Regarding the papers, I’m guessing you are meaning the visa documents. The process was quiet simple once you actually found the right people to talk to. But some other Australian au pairs I met in Rome had a lot of trouble with it.
Lucy from Australia


“I had a wonderful experience and I owe that to you guys so thank you very much for everything! I am so glad that I found about the organization and followed through. I just want to thank you for an amazing summer and the chance to meet an amazing spanish family and live with them and their kids!

Thanks again!”

A. W.

A great summer in Italy

September 14, 2011

I am glad that I could spend my summer in Italy. Family was very good and children too. However, younger girl didn’t hear me sometimes. But I am very satisfied. For me, parents and children were great. Thank you for this opportunity.

A nice month as an au pair!

September 14, 2011

Everything went well. I didn’t have any problem, except in Italian at the beginning but my family was also speak English with me. The family was great and we’ve really shared our different cultures.  I’d like to be an au pair again!

I’m generally a very patient and laid back person, happy and positive. My personality helped me to adapt to the family’s way of life. I often did not agree with the mother’s style of parenting but that is not for me to comment upon, as she is the mother and I am just a babysitter. The mother was keen for me to speak in English and act as a teacher to her son, rather than as a general babysitter, because she was there most of the time, monitoring her child’s learning and progress. Generally the family are very nice people, but very over protective over their children. I would like to say a thank to you Euroma for finding me the family and giving me such a wonderful opportunity. One of your staff members “M.”, became a very good friend to me in Rome and we had a wonderful time together, she was an asset to your agency. I would very much like to do au pair again. I am now preparing for a university course in teacher training. Once I am a qualified English teacher, perhaps I will return to Rome and work in an international school! I certainly have travel plans. Once again: many many thanks Euroma!