We have decided to do this blog in order to help students who have decided to get a gap year and just want to discover this beautiful country at a lower cost. If you have done this experience just share it with the others to help new potential au pairs or nannies


12 Responses to “Au Pairing in Italy”

  1. Stine Says:

    I have now been in Rome as an au pair for almost a year. I have stayed with a really nice family. It has been a great experience. I have learned a lot about culture and life in Italy. It has given me a wider perspective of my life and everything around me. It really opens your eyes. I don’t regret this stay at all. I have been really lucky with the family and friends. Euroma helped me in contact with some au pairs and then the network just grew and grew. I have got a lot of new friends from all around the world and I’ve learned so much even about my self.
    I have gone to the school Centro Studi Cassia twice a week and I love it. The school is really welcoming a great. They really try to make the best out of everything. They uses their own book which I have experienced from the others I know here is the best. I have had a really great teacher and I can’t thank her enough. It is a really good school with a lot of different classes to attend.
    It has been some periods that are more difficult than others, but all in all there is nothing bad to say about this stay. It was worth it really worth it.

    • Akhtaruzzaman Says:

      Thanks for the information, how can I apply through this agency?

      • Liea golosinda Says:

        Hello i am a filipina, 37 years old, how can you help me to get and hire me as a nanny in italy, coz i am very eager to work from the other country. Thanks.

      • euroma01 Says:

        It is not possible for a gril who dis not frm a country belonging to the EEC countries. Sorry.

  2. Estelle Says:

    I have been an au pair in Rome for a little more than a month now, and thus far it has been an amazing experience! Originally from Chicago, Rome was a new encounter for me. Euroma has worked hard to help me adjust to the different lifestyles and culture here in Italy, as well working to help me make connections with other au pairs working in Rome.
    The family I am currently staying with, in addition, has made my stay a pleasant one. With them, I have had the opportunity to travel a little through Rome to places like Tuscany. Though there have been some rough patches, like the girl above, I have no regrets. It has been a great experience that has shown me a whole new world and culture. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in experiencing new and exciting things wether just for a summer like myself, or for a year!

  3. Estelle Says:

    When begining your time as an au pair, many people warn you of the difficulties you will face over the duration of your stay with a family. Yes, I myself at times felt frustrated with my situation whenever problems arose all the way from communication problems with the family to simply having a bad day. Of course spending a few hours a day with someone significantly younger than yourself can also be trying on a person’s patience.
    But none of this is meant to discourage someone from enrolling in Euroma’s program! In fact, some of these problems are actually why I ended up enjoying my stay as much as I did! The au pair program has given me so much life experience, not to mention sharpening my communication skills even in my native language, as well as a good work eithic.
    At the begining of my stay I struggled in particular with the mother of the family in the department of communication Over the course of time, though, I was able to understand that this was in part my fault as well, not just the fault of the mother. Becuase of this I took it upon myself to began asking extra questions just to ensure that there would be no mixup of information between us. Though our relationship was a little rocky in the beginging because of the difficulties, by the end it had strengthened becuase of our stronger effort in understanding and communicating with each other. If I have learned one important thing, that I indeed put into use a lot over my stay, it is to ask questions if you are unsure or would simply like to know something! By not doing so you’re only hurting yourself, and the family will most likely appreciate your efforts.
    Another highlight of my stay would have to be the girl that I au paired for. I feel that I not only was able to help her improve her english skills, but enjoy myself in the process. Even if there were some communication problems between us at times becuase of her lack of English and my lack of Italian, it usually turned into a game for us. One would try to explain in other words that the other might understand, and if that failed we usually ending up trying to act out the word, if it was possible! And when we finally figured out what the other was trying to say we usually ended up laughing at the funny lengths we had to go to in order to undertand what the other was saying. This as well, provided me with the opportunity to learn some Italian, as I was an au pair during the summer and was not taking language classes.
    All in all, my stay was wonderful. It is the perfect mix between an independent life and still having a family behind you for support. As well, Euroma was great about putting me in contact with other au pairs in my area who I was able to explore the city with. This encounter has really broadened my horizons, and I feel better equiped to go on to other situations with a positive outlook. It was a great summer of learning and enjoyment, and one I will never forget!

  4. Jason Voon Says:


    I’ve just recently stumbled upon this page as I’ve been doing my research on au pairing in Italy, and I must say from the stories here, that it seems quite a life-enriching experience. I’ve been to Italy last year for a holiday and social visit, and I fell in love with the country, with the food, and scenery. Now that I am back in Singapore, I am looking to experience further the Italian culture and I feel that au pairing while taking up an Italian language course will be the best method to do so. However, I am still trying to gather more information pertaining to my case. I am a Malaysian citizen, turning 28 this mid-October, currently residing and working in Singapore. I am aware that people who are fluent in the English language are very sought after as au pairs in Italy, and besides this, I am also able to speak Mandarin and the Malay language, while hoping to be more fluent in Italian soon! I am looking to begin au pairing in the beginning of April next year, hopefully I’ll be able to find a willing au pair family to host me soon so that I can arrange to enrol for that language course in a school which I have already found able to meet my learning needs and also for study visa arrangements.

    I really hope that anyone here can provide me with valuable advice as to who I can get in touch with personally so that I can gather more information on possibilities and prospects relevant to my case. I greatly appreciate this!


  5. Estelle Says:

    To Jason:
    Hello! I know that you can contact Ines de Vendegies who runs Euroma on her e-mail: info@euroma.info
    As well, all the info and forms for the programs are available on the website:http://www.euroma.info/eng/home-au-pair.htm
    Hope this helps!

  6. thesignorina Says:

    Hi! I have just moved to Rome, Italy and loving the experience: just started my honest and creative blog if you fancy reading! http://signorinainrome.wordpress.com

    All in all I massively encourage it-you learn a lot about yourself, grow as a person and make fantastic friends and of course life experiences

  7. Adriana Says:

    I’m looking for other au pairs in my area turin italy?

  8. amanda emmell Says:

    hi I’m going to be an aupair in Italy and a few months and I’m wondering how much money I should have set aside as spending money!! since the family covers room and board and food, thanks

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