Au pair testimonial – Australia

May 27, 2013


6 Responses to “Au pair testimonial – Australia”

  1. euroma01 Says:

    “The most amazing thing of being au pair in Australia was making friends from all over the world, living with an Australian family and get to know awesome Australia!”– Charlotte Hermans (19),The Netherlands

  2. euroma01 Says:

    “Being an Au pair is the best way to get to know people, language, lifestyle and the culture of a country. I spent 6 months in an amazingly friendly family here in Australia. It didn’t take long to really feel part of the family, because they took care of me feeling at home. I got to know their friends and family members, which where all very welcoming towards me. The family showed me many nice places to go/see and explained everything. I got a really close bond with the kids, which became my three little sisters in this time. We had a lot of fun together. I was always welcome to spend my free time with the family. I could also use the time off to explore the city and the surroundings with other Au Pairs I got to know. I would do it again any time, because it was a great opportunity for me.” –Sina(24), Germany

  3. euroma01 Says:

    “The most amazing thing of being au pair in Australia was not only one thing, there were a lot of things that made my time unforgettable. The family, my new friends and the place here in manly made this 9 month to the best time of my life. I spent a lot of times with the children on the beach and we enjoyed this beautiful area together. I’m very lucky that I had such a great family who’s living at the northern beaches of sydney. And because of all these reason is it even harder to go back to Germany, but I should think ‘don’t cry because it’s over, smile that it happend!’ ;)” –Nastassja (19), Germany

  4. euroma01 Says:

    “The most amazing thing of being an au pair in Australia is discovering this fabulous country while learning how to take care of children & having fun with them.”–Sharon (19), France.

  5. euroma01 Says:

    “ The most amazing thing of being au pair in Australia was that I felt happy most of the time! I found great friends from different countries, my host family was family and english teacher at the same time and the 3 kids were awesome! It was the best experience of my life :)” – Ela (20), Germany

  6. euroma01 Says:

    The most amazing thing were the babies. I’m now back in Holland and I miss them so much that I’m going back for them. I miss playing with them and their hugs. I miss having drinks with my host parents and my friends.” – Tamara (21), The Netherlands

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