My language course at Bournemouth

December 6, 2011

I am living in Bournemouth now a small city not so far from London. I am studying in a very good language school, There are valid English teachers and lots of foreign students. They come from many countries : Turkey, France, Switwerland, Brazil, Korea…so I must improve my english all day long ! This is nice for me, because I need to learn English very well in my future job. My english is quite good now : I dont make a lot of mistakes and my last exam was good !

I have class in the morning. In the afternoon I study , I go to the listening centre and I meet other students at school, I get home at 5 pm.

I am staying with an English family, Mrs Dolman is a house wife and she is very kind. My host-made’name is Joseph, he is Korean and he is 24. I like talking with them about our days in the evening. We sometimes watch TV after dinner. I really enjoyed my new friends and my host-family. I like knowing different cultures and meeting new people, so I am here very fine here ! I just miss my parents and my friends of course, but this expererience is simply great !


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