A great experience thanks to your team!

September 14, 2011

I’m generally a very patient and laid back person, happy and positive. My personality helped me to adapt to the family’s way of life. I often did not agree with the mother’s style of parenting but that is not for me to comment upon, as she is the mother and I am just a babysitter. The mother was keen for me to speak in English and act as a teacher to her son, rather than as a general babysitter, because she was there most of the time, monitoring her child’s learning and progress. Generally the family are very nice people, but very over protective over their children. I would like to say a thank to you Euroma for finding me the family and giving me such a wonderful opportunity. One of your staff members “M.”, became a very good friend to me in Rome and we had a wonderful time together, she was an asset to your agency. I would very much like to do au pair again. I am now preparing for a university course in teacher training. Once I am a qualified English teacher, perhaps I will return to Rome and work in an international school! I certainly have travel plans. Once again: many many thanks Euroma!


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